Tomatoes in Abundance!

Tomatoes in Abundance!

Jul 09, 2020Melinda Morris

Introducing Daniel from Tomatoes in Abundance from Medowie

Medowie has always been the land of plenty when it comes to water sources, but in 2019 that all changed for Daniel when the drought hit. But now Tomatoes in Abundance is back with a citrus extravaganza this Winter which is right up Fat Wren Farms alley!

Daniel grows everything to an organic standard, chemical-free, and ethically produced. Come Spring he is looking to get back to growing a variety of vegetables in abundance - pardon the pun.

Reminiscent of Ricky Martin, Daniel caresses the oranges in the photo and yells “she bangs, she bangs... Ohhh baby when she moves, she moves, I go crazy”. Ok, so he didn’t really do that…. As you can imagine Lady Marmalade has well and truly been ignited this Winter at Fat Wren Farm by Daniel’s citrus abundance. We're excited! 

You can read more about Daniel and his farm at:

And keep an eye out for what we have in store for you all!

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