The Antioxidant Infuser Prebiotic Tonic
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The Antioxidant Infuser Prebiotic Tonic

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Antioxidant Infuser - Blood Orange and Blueberry Prebiotic Tonic 500ml

This delicious Prebiotic Tonic drinking vinegar has the same health benefits of apple cider vinegar plus boasts the added benefits of the antioxidant superfoods blueberries and our farm-grown blood oranges.

Our tonics are suitable for immuno-compromised people, safe during pregnancy and great for kids! Completely caffeine and alcohol-free.

Serving Suggestions
Best mixed with soda water, still water, or taken straight (as you would apple cider vinegar), but also great as salad dressings or as a hot herbal infusion to fight off sore throats.

This versatile mixer is also great for making unique cocktails that will impress your friends and family. 

Gluten-free, vegan-friendly.